23-Jun-20 Sunday startup school introduction Short Term
29-Jun-20 Saturday Think Entrepreneurial
05-Jul-20 Friday DET Talks
09-Jul-20 Tuesday Problem solvers
12-Jul-20 Friday Open house for startup idea
15-Jul-20 Monday Boot camp of Entrepreneurship
25-Jul-20 Thursday STARTUP CLINC I
26-Jul-20 Friday DET Talks
16-Aug-20 Friday Startup Weekend Day-1
17-Aug-20 Saturday Startup Weekend Day-2
18-Aug-20 Sunday Startup Weekend Day-3
23-Aug-20 Sunday creative I makeathan
12-Sep-20 Thursday cash or coding
15-Sep-20 Sunday International Engineering's Day
18-sep-20 Wednesday STARTUP CLINC II
18-Oct-20 Friday HACKATHON
21-Oct-20 Saturday Startup Conclave 2121
09-Nov-20 Saturday Entrepreneur Day -Engineers to Entrepreneurs
26-Jul-20 Friday DET Talks
07-Dec-20 Saturday Systematic Innovation and Design Mid-Term
12-Dec-20 Thursday STARTUP CLINC III
20-Dec-20 Thursday First- Entrepreneurship Development Day
07-Jan-21 Friday My Dream Company
08-Feb-21 Saturday DET Talks
15-Feb-21 Saturday Innovation Challenge
22-Feb-21 Saturday Hackthon
01-Mar-21 Sunday I am Elen Musk - Entrepreneurship Programme
08-Mar-21 Sunday International Women's day & faculty day Long Term
28-Mar-21 Saturday Ideathon
10-Apr-21 Friday DET Talks
18-Apr-21 Saturday Demo Day – startup
21-Apr-21 Tuesday World Creativity and Innovation Day
26-Apr-21 Saturday Workshop on Patent Development
26-Apr-21 Sunday Workshop on Crafts and Creations, World Intellectual Property Day